About Us

The Agents Property Auction was created in 2010 by Auctioneer Richard Francis MNAVA. Working alongside his wife Alison they both have over 25 years’ experience in successful property auctions, they have seen first-hand, the benefits of auction to thousands of buyers and sellers.

about apa

They have a well-established team of staff who share their passion in providing a personal, professional service with customer service paramount in their success.

Traditionally auction has been regarded as a means of buying and selling cheap, run down properties and repossessions which is still the case, but the real growth over the last few years has been in the popularity of selling residential family homes. All properties, irrespective of location or price are suitable for APA auction. Both sellers and buyers benefit from this quick, safe and more secure method of sale.

Working with an unrivalled selection of Partner Agents, they provide extensive coverage across the North East and North West of England through over 50 Estate Agents branches, giving seller’s maximum exposure and buyers a superb choice of properties.